Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Local Zumba Schedules

Here is the local Zumba schedule... I just found out about another instructor teaching at the Ag center in Owingsville too. I'll post her info when I get it. Meanwhile, this is what I have. :) Happy Zumba-ing and maybe I'll bump into you at some of these classes.

KICKBOXING Carmen - Thursday 7:00 Swing Away (Mt Sterling)

Local Zumba Schedules
Location: Curves (this is Curves Circuit with Zumba)
Dee Miller
Monday 6:15pm, Friday 7:45am
Carrie Wray
Tuesday 4:45pm (trial-subject to change), Wednesday 7:45am

Brandi Kratzer Alderman
Location: Twist Shout & Cheer
Tuesday 7pm, Thursday 7pm

Amy Holliday-Conley
Location: Twist Shout and Cheer
Sunday 6pm (Starting Oct. 23)

Cori Diedrich
Location: Jeffersonville Community Center
Monday & Tuesday 6:30pm, Wed 5:30pm, Saturday 9am

Susan Howard
Location: Sterling Academy of Dance
Monday 12:30, Wednesday 6pm, Thursday 12:30, Friday 7pm

Billie Johnson
Location: Extreme Elite Gym
Tuesday 7pm, Thursday 7pm


Whitley Ledford
Location: Fellowship Gym-2597 Grassy Lick Rd
Sunday 4pm, Tuesday 6pm, Wednesday 8pm, Thursday 6pm, Saturday 9am

Beverly McCormick
Location: TK’s Gymnastics
Monday 5:30pm, Tuesday 7:30pm, Thursday 7:30, Saturday 9am
Location: First Christian Church
Wednesday 5:30

Martina Skidmore
Location: Integrity Fitness (Stanton)
Monday-Thursday 5pm

Jaime Willoughby
Location: Powell Co. Middle School Cafeteria
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 7pm

Carmen Elam (Kickboxing)
Location: Swing Away (off bypass- Mt Sterling)
Thursday 7:00PM

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